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Stacie is a pop culture & makeup obsessed food writer who drunkenly started a podcast with someone she’d met in person only once. But it’s a runaway hit & they’re good friends now, so it worked! She often hides from her two boys in the bathroom, but that’s normal, right? (Even if it’s with a spoonful of Nutella?)

Didn't I Just Feed You

Didn’t I Just Feed You is a food podcast for parents — even the ones who hate to cook. Because, man, do kids need to eat frequently! Tune in every week to hear Stacie & her co-host, Meghan, get real about what it takes to feed a family daily, from pro-hacks to product recommendations to guidance on when to ignore our fellow culinary professionals & just take the damn shortcut. No guilt required.

10 healthy snack ideas you can make without a recipe

There is a lifesaving category of snacks between store-bought (pricey!) and homemade (timely!) that saves the day. These DIY, no-recipe snack ideas for kids will save you.

check out stacie's cookbooks

Best known for their non-judgey tone and laid-back approach to cooking & kitchen shortcuts, Stacie’s cookbooks are practical handbooks for the busiest home cooks. Learn more about Make It Easy and her upcoming book, which is all about your #1 favorite dinner ingredient (can you guess?).

Easy weeknight dinners you can make with a store-bought rotisserie chicken | Stacie Billis

12 No-Recipe Dinners Using Rotisserie Chicken

My number one busy home cook shortcut? A store-bought rotisserie bird. These 12 easy, no-recipe dinner ideas are proof that rotisserie chicken recipes save the day.

Easy Dinner Recipes

Snack Time!

Make It Easy

Recipes alone can’t make cooking easier. Pro-tips and smart shortcuts are the real secret.

Make It Easy is a cookbook for busy cooks without judgement. Some nights you can swing a homemade sauce, other nights you gotta reach for a jar. Either way, Stacie’s got you covered.

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