How to Build a Smoothie Breakfast Bowl

Smoothies in a bowl? Try telling me toppings don’t make everything better!

When smoothies get boring, it’s time to whip out a bowl and turn your family’s favorite sip into a top-your-own breakfast that’s just as quick and easy, but a lot more fun.

Making a smoothie breakfast bowl is simple business, there are just two main things to keep in mind.

How to make smoothie bowls! An easy back-to-school breakfast idea | Stacie Billis


Make it thick.

Since you’ll be spooning your smoothie instead of sipping it, make sure to go easy on the liquid. Also consider blending in ingredients that will give your smoothie heft, like yogurt and/or a nut and seed butter.


Heap on the toppings.

Instead of blending in whole nuts, seeds, chia, hemp hearts, wheat germ, cocoa nibs, and all the fruits, save some to add on top of your smoothie bowl. These not only add nutrition (and make your smoothie bowl Instagram-worthy), they also add texture.

Plus, you can set toppings out and turn your smoothie bowl into a make-your-own moment.

If you want to take your breakfast bowl one step further — because you’re extra like that — use the same principles to build any breakfast bowl.

How to make an easy, healthy breakfast bowl | easy weekday breakfast ideas | Stacie Billis

Instead of a smoothie as the base, use leftover quinoa, oatmeal, grits, polenta (which cooks up SO fast!), or whatever quick-cooking or already prepped grain you have on hand.  Then swirl in yogurt, milk, nut or seed butter and get those toppings going.

I promise you’ll never see fruit and flax seed go down faster!

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