Copycat Starbucks Green Tea Lemonade

Copycat Starbucks Green Tea Lemonade recipe | Stacie Billis

In the latest episode of Didn’t I Just Feed You, “When Is It Okay to Give Kids Coffee? The Down Low on Caffeine and Kids, Tweens, and Teens,” we interview my 12-year-old about coffee and, well, pretty much all things Starbucks. Because he — and all of his friends — are obsessed.

If you’ve ever asked yourself when it’s okay to share coffee, or any caffeinated drink (looking at you, energy drinks), with your kid, it’s a must listen. And not just because of the completely hilarious Easter egg that our editor snuck in right before the end.

In all the talk about coffee, we also talk about green tea, which does include caffeine. (I know because I’ve got the deets on sharing tea with toddlers and other little ones too.) Both me and my 12-year-old love green tea, so I’ll often whip this or matcha lattes up for us to save money. And, yes, control the sugar too.


Copycat Starbucks Green Tea Lemonade

Makes 1 1/2 cups / about 2 servings


3 tablespoons sugar, plus more to taste

1 green tea bag

1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice, from about 2 juicy lemons



Bring a little more than a 1/2 cup of water to a boil. Add the sugar and tea bag to the hot water and steep the tea for about 2 minutes; discard the bag without squeezing it. Stir to make sure that the sugar has dissolved.


Add the lemon juice and about 3/4 cups of cold water to the tea. Stir well to combine and taste to adjust flavor. If it’s too tart, add more sugar as desired. Once the flavor is as you like it, pour the tea over a tall glass of ice and serve immediately.

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