How to make a latte at home — no special equipment needed

How to make a latte at home — coffeehouse style, no special equipment necessary! | Stacie Billis

The key to a great latte? Good tea or coffee and perfectly steamed milk. And, yes, you can make a real-deal latte at home, no special equipment necessary.

If you’re into PSL or other flavored lattes, you might think that the flavored syrup is key. The thing is: you can buy syrup or make one at home pretty easily. But if you skip that frothy milk? An instant no-go, which is a bummer if you don’t have or feel like spending money on a milk frother.

Good thing there’s another way — and all you need is a mason jar.

How to steam milk at home without any special equipment: DIY homemade lattes here we come! | Stacie Billis

To make a homemade latte with coffee, chai, or matcha, you’ll need high quality espresso, strong coffee, or tea, plus milk and a jar or cup with a lid.

Once your coffee or tea is made, heat the milk. I like using a mason jar because the glass container part is microwaveable, but you can also heat the milk in a small pot on the stovetop and transfer it to your jar or lidded cup. Then, seal and SHAKE LIKE CRAZY until the milk froths.

I’ve done this with oat and almond milk, though it’s admittedly not the same. This method works best with cow’s milk and makes a mean traditional latte in no time — and for less money!

Oh, and bonus: I’m obsessed with this chai tea. I’ve tried many, many blends and this is by far my favorite!

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